1 Nisan 2008 Salı



Atak Silah was established in 2006 by two professionals born in Beysehir and Duzce. Both arms spent almost 20 years in the field of industry as manufacturer, executive and employee.

It is founded on the qualifications, motivation, loyalty and responsibility of every single employee, under professional working conditions within the company and to produce wide range of product line.


Our mission is to contribute to the country economy by manufacturing industry products particularly weapons by using existing technologies in the best possible productive way, combining new technologies with the talents of our fellow country people and without compensating subsidary industry, personel and customer satisfaction. In addition again our mission is to make sure that our customer gets the most dependable, reliable, superior quality products with the best craftsmanship, anybody can’t offer at an affordable and reasonable price, backed up with satisfactory. As the advantage of having a high tech equipped production facility, we can make any kind of product differentiation upon our customer's demand concerning feature and functioning.

Atak Silah aims to serve with young dynamic, progressive and proffessional enterprising generations, to take an important place on this sector. Company has always kept her production policy as looking for "the new, need of the changing market, trying to make the unmakable" from yesterday till today.

Company offers 1st quality products to the national and international markets and engage our place in the top list of world suppliers by expanding our vision. Atak Silah has rapidly become one of the leading company interms of Manufacturing and Exporting wide range of blank pistols and air guns in Turkey.

Since its first association, the company complies with the International Product Safety and Quality Standards. Products are manufactured by the company, produced under official licenses and are in comformity with the Turkish related legal offices. Facilities are periodically inspected from the respect of conformity with the standards. Company’s business activities are carefully improved with the passion “Product and Service” in the scope of “Total Qualtiy Principles”. “Loving people and respecting the environment” is the most important value of the company.


The company is established with a view to R&D, along with the staff comprised of people who proved themselves in quality, technique and R&D in the industry. It will create a difference in understanding of weapons of humankind, furthermore it prgresses with secure steps with new patented products and two new brands at the way to being a trademark.

Offering “HIGH QUALITY” products is our supreme mission. Our core mission is to develop, in co-operation with our business partners, the Zoraki brand, through the sustained application of aggressive trade & consumer promotional activity. To this end we welcome all companies to discuss global business opportunities with potential customers and distribution partners. Thus we invite all customers those are interested in our best quality products for business relation and there is no hesitate that we will try our best servicing for every customers.


Our company believes that quality is one of human rights, it targets to make manufacture with a policy preferring to lose Money instead of losing quality, it takes maximum pains to execute this policy both at its management, commercial and social relations.

Our quality oriented principle routes us to keep Atak Silah certain standard from selecting our raw material to production and this brings us to reach and keep our top quality in final product always.

Through the technology we use in production, we give our customers opportunity of interchangeability of spare parts as well as producing them according to the general market need. This brings us the lifetime reliability to our brand name and reputation about our products for a longer time of endurance.


One day, certainly, you will have to work with us.
We bet, our products are on top of best, interms of dependability, reliability, superiority and quality.
Our Professional team prepare the excellent for you.
Zoraki is the most extensive line of blank firing pistols in the industry today.
We are making the things which have not been done so far or can not be done. This vision has turned out the success as products of Atak Silah.